Voices of the Blue

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Hosted by the CEO & Founder of The Wounded Blue Organization, Lieutenant Randy Sutton, “Voices of the Blue” features the true stories of our Law Enforcement Officers and their experiences after becoming physically and mentally injured in the line of duty. As told by the Cops themselves, the series explores the consequences of trauma incurred when the aftermath of a critical incident leaves these heroes to cope with their injuries alone, often abandoned by their agencies and sent in a downward spiral where they lose everything that matters most.

“Voices of the Blue” is Created, Produced, Directed, Written, & Edited by Jason Harney & is a production of Lightning Digital Entertainment.  Executive Producers are Randy Sutton & Jason Harney.  The Six Part Docuseries premiered May 1st, 2020 on Wounded Blue TV YouTube.

Episode One | The Consequences of Trauma: The Consequences of Trauma features the stories of retired LAPD Officer Stuart Guy, one of the first to arrive on the scene of the 1997 North Hollywood Shootout, and former LAPD Officer Alex Salazar, whose experiences on the job sent him on a downward spiral which ended up costing him his career. Both detail the trauma they incurred in the line of duty and the crushing effects of PTSD they still deal with today. "Copshock" author and PTSD expert Allen R. Kates weighs in on the startling lack of help our Cops are getting to address their mental health nationwide. Watch Now!

Episode Two | Not All Heroes Wear Capes: Sergeant Houston Gass is a long time Texas cop whose story exemplifies both the potential dangers of the job, as well as the fight every law enforcement officer faces while attempting to heal physically and mentally. After suffering substantial and life changing injuries from being shot in the line of duty, Houston embarked on a treacherous road to recovery where he had to heal while facing a broken workers comp system while dealing with the crippling effects of PTSD.  All while balancing his family life.  His journey culminates with he and co-worker, Sergeant Banning Sweatland, organizing an annual event called Not All Heroes Wear Capes to honor cops who were injured in the line of duty. Trudy Gilbert-Eliot, a Psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of First Responders, brings forth potential solutions. Watch Now!

Episode Three | The Massive German Shepherd: Steadfast Old World Shepherds, located in Marshal, Virginia, is a breeder and trainer of PTSD Service Dogs.  There we met the owner and former Virginia Police Officer Andre Sadowski and his service dog Snouticus, known in these parts as “The Massive German Shepherd”.  Eddie Richardson, the Peer Support Coordinator for The Wounded Blue, was on hand for a surprise he will remember forever. Watch Now!

Episode Four | The Darkness of Depression: Former Deputy Sheriff Sarah McRee's life changed dramatically when her patrol vehicle was rear ended by a cargo truck, leaving her severely injured.  Desperate for help, Sarah's department left her to cope on her own. - After tragically losing one his deputies during a flash flood, former Sergeant John Loughran's agency showed no empathy as the depression and guilt associated with the loss led to the 24 year veteran enduring one of the most difficult times of his life. Watch Now!

Episode Five | When the Nightmares Will Not Stop: Retired Florida Police Officer Omar Delgado was one of the first responding officers to enter the Pulse Nightclub as the horrific events of June 12, 2016 unfolded.  Though he was lauded a hero after saving a man's life, what he encountered that night will stay with him for the rest of his life. - Retired Florida Police Officer Mike Holberg thought he was assisting a motorist who had driven his vehicle into a river, but the 9 year veteran quickly found himself in a fight for his own survival.  To this day, the emotional scars remain, as he battles the grueling effects of PTSD. Watch Now!

Episode Six | Someone To Talk To: Eddie Richardson, the Peer Support Coordinator for The Wounded Blue, explains why having someone to talk to is crucial in a Law Enforcement Officer's recovery after a critical incident.  PTSD expert and author Allen Kates, as well as Psychotherapist and author Dr. Trudy Gilbert-Eliot weigh in. Watch Now!